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Your Boyfriend

Publisher: Black Shepherd Games License: Free

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Your Boyfriend game is an adult-themed visual novel game that is categorized as an erotic horror game. This game likely contains explicit content and themes, so it's intended for mature audiences only.

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Your Boyfriend Game is a visual novel simulation game in which the player gets to create their ideal boyfriend. The player can choose from different personality traits, interests, and appearance options to create the perfect boyfriend. The game also features various storyline options and endings, allowing players to explore different relationships and scenarios.

The game has received mixed reviews, with some players enjoying the customization options and the humor in the game. In contrast, others have criticized the limited number of options and the lack of depth in the storyline. Some players have also reported technical issues with the game.

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In conclusion, Your Boyfriend Game is lighthearted and fun for those who enjoy simulation games and visual novels. However, it may not be for everyone and players should consider their personal preferences and expectations before purchasing the game.


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